John Glenn School Corporation to Get Two New Buses

The John Glenn School Board discussed the purchase of two 78-passenger school buses with Transportation Director Cindy King.

King said that the buses she chose for the proposal come equipped with the necessary features that the school corporation requires on the buses. Extra seats with seat belts for younger children, two-way radios and cameras are part of the proposal.

Stop arm cameras will be installed. It is against the law for a motorist to go around a school bus if the stop arms are activated. King explained that if a motorist was to go around a school bus when the stop arms are out, the cameras would be able to record the action to help police in an investigation. A camera is located on the front and back of the stop arms. The cameras are active only when the stop arms are engaged.

Cameras are also installed inside the bus to deter bad behavior or to provide a perspective in a reported incident.

The cost of the pair of buses is $195,382 which was unanimously approved by the school board.