John Glenn School Board Approves Additional Appropriation

The John Glenn School Board held a public hearing last night in order to take action on an additional appropriation resolution and ordinance for the debt service fund.

Business Manager Tom Bendy explained that items were purchased with the common school loan. The final portion of the funding was spent in November of last year and once that is done, a schedule is sent to the corporation on repayment. That revenue was not in the 2017 budget to be spent. Bendy said the Department of Local Government Finance said the revenue portion was able to be put into the budget, but could not change what was advertised for the budget in October. The additional appropriation would allow the corporation to make the payment in June.

Superintendent Richard Reese said it’s merely an official process required by the state.

There was no public comment made during the public hearing.

With the hearing closed, the school board was able to approve the additional appropriation as presented in the amount of $36,907 in the Debt Service Fund.