Culver School Board Approves Technology Contract

Students in the Culver Community School Corporation will be using Apple iPads in the sixth year of the One-to-One Computer Initiative.

Technology Director Daniel Medesi said students in grades seven through 12 will be able to take their computers home while the addition of users in the third through sixth grades will leave theirs at the school. Kindergarten through second grade students will get to use the 10 iPads available in each classroom.

Medesi said the lease should be the same amount as the first lease.

“The first lease had iPads and some laptops in it and it came in around $110,000 per year,” explained Medesi. “The second lease was a little lower than that because we didn’t have to buy laptops. In this third lease, we are back at about $110,000 per year but now that’s including grades three through 12 and then 10 iPads in kindergarten, first and second grades.”

The price per iPad has dropped to $300 apiece.

Corporation Treasurer Casey Howard added that the funding for this computer expansion project comes from the Capital Projects Fund as well as the textbook rental fund. Middle/High School Principal Brett Berndt said textbooks will be used in case of technology glitches.

Next year’s contract will be for $110,500 for computers, cases and carts.

The iPads will be used during the ISTEP testing period.

The school board unanimously approved the lease proposal as presented.