Plymouth to Study City Hall Upgrades

Plymouth IndianaThe City of Plymouth may soon be looking at an upgrade for its offices.

Mayor Mark Senter told the Common Council Monday that City Hall has been experiencing various problems over the past several years. “As many of you know, my ceiling crashed in on my desk on the 31st of December, the day of our swearing-in,” he said. “That’s the third time that that’s happened. I know we’ve had issues here with water leaks, with ceiling, with roof, with bats over and over and over, my last eight years.”

He says it’s now time to start taking action, “I’m going to put a committee together to study a refurbishing of this building and/or a new city hall for the City of Plymouth sometime in the next couple years. I would like two volunteers from the council to be on that committee.” New members Jeff Houin and Shiloh Fonseca agreed to help with the effort. Mayor Senter added that many of the city’s department heads have also asked to be on the committee.

The mayor plans to update the council, as work progresses.