More Candidates File for Elected Office in Marshall County

vote-3A few more candidates have registered their names for elected office in Marshall County.

According to the latest information provided by the County Clerk’s office, Dennis Morrison is seeking to challenge Rex Gilliland for the Marshall County Surveyor’s seat.

Several more names have tossed their hat into the ring for the Marshall County Council’s At-large seats. Previously, Jon VanVactor and Jack Roose had filed their names to run. Now, Steve Harper, Toni Hutchings, and Jim Masterson have also filed to run for the available At-large seats.

Marshall County has also added names for the Republican State Convention Delegates. So far, five names have filed to represent the county at the State convention to determine who receives the nomination for certain elected offices. Bill Cleavenger, Dave Holmes, Janice Holmes, Matt Sarber, and Sean Surrisi have all filed to run for the seats.

Several names have also turned up to serve as Precinct Committeeman for the Republican Party in Marshall County – which looks very similar to the delegate positions. Benny Baker, Bill Cleavenger, Dan Holmes, Janice Holmes, Robert Manuwal, Jim Masterson, and Matt Sarber have all filed to run for the committeeman seats.

Candidates are facing a deadline of February 5th to finalize their applications to run for political office in Marshall County.