Ed Hasnerl to Host Trip to South Carolina

Ed HasnerlMAX 98.3 listeners have the opportunity to join Kankakee Valley Broadcasting for a trip to South Carolina this spring.

Ed Hasnerl is once again coordinating a six-day, five-night bus trip, from May 23 through 28. “Lots of plantations we’re going to be visiting, gardens, flowers all over the place.” he says. “We’re going to go to the Southern Seasons Cooking School and be eating there, and also over to the Biltmore House in North Carolina.”

He says participants will also have the chance to experience some history while they’re there, “Charleston’s historic first golf course in Continental America, the first theater, and maybe the first library. We’ll visit all of those. We’ll have good food, good fun. The bus is one-third full already.”

Hasnerl says the 20 people who are already booked for the trip have all traveled with him before over the years, “This is my 36th year in travel hosting. I did 20 years right here in the Marshall-Starke-Pulaski-LaPorte-County area; I finished up 20 years this year. I had 16 years earlier in Indianapolis.”

If you would like to join Ed on the trip, you can find all the details here, or call 574-772-6241 for more information.

Reservations will be taken until the middle of March or as long as space is available.