Flood Warnings Extended for Area Rivers

flood warningFlood warnings are in effect through early next week for a couple of low-lying problem spots.

The Kankakee River at U.S. 30 is expected to crest sometime today. Flood stage there is 10 feet. Last night at 7 it was at 11.2 and rising. Nearby secondary roads start to flood when it reaches 11 feet. The Kankakee is now expected to fall below flood stage around 6 a.m. Monday.

Minor flooding is also expected near Ora, where a flood warning has been issued for the Tippecanoe River from this afternoon through late Sunday night. As of last night at 7, the Tippy was at 11 feet and rising. Flood stage there is 12 feet. The river is expected to rise above that later today and crest near 12.3 feet around 1 p.m. tomorrow. At 12.5 feet flooding begins to affect homes near the river. The Tippecanoe River near Ora is expected to fall below flood stage early Sunday morning, according to the National Weather Service.