Culver Schools Moves Ahead with Archery Plans

Culver-Community-School-CorporationEfforts to add an archery program at Culver Community Schools are moving ahead. 

Middle/High School Principal Brett Berndt told the school board last week that he and the corporation’s marketing team are working on implementing the program gradually, starting later this school year with the organization of an after school club. Next school year, archery would be incorporated into curriculum by being included in PE classes for ten days in the middle school and possibly elementary school, as well as having competitive clubs for middle and high school students. Then, during the 2017-2018 school year, the corporation would add an archery club for students who wish to compete on a more advanced level.

Berndt says students are already excited about the program. “Initially, when we did . . . a sign-up in the high school, we had 40 kids signed up, just to be interested in the club itself,” he says. “That’s not reaching down to the middle school or even elementary, so it was very high interest right away.”

To implement the program, he says he’s been working with Tim Beck, the Indiana Coordinator for the National Archery in the Schools Program, to get grant funding for equipment and instructor training. However, Berndt says they also have to raise some money locally, “Our goal is to raise $500 to $1,000. Obviously, we know what situation the corporation’s in. Adding a program that costs us doesn’t make any sense, so obviously it’s our goal to add a program that costs us nothing and we’ll maintain with nothing. So as long as we raise the money, this is something that can be added to the corporation of Culver.”

He and marketing team member Shelly Schrimsher added that they’ve heard from people interested in donating and helping with fund-raising efforts.