Argos Re-Votes Following Alleged Open Door Violation

news-2The Town of Argos has corrected an error in the election of one of its Town Council members.

Earlier this year, the Argos Town Council was required to break a tie for one of its three available Town Council seats. The tie for the final available seat was certified after Election Day by the Marshall County Election Board.

During the tie-breaker vote held in November, officials with the Town of Argos admitted to voting by secret ballot. Advice was sought from the Indiana Public Access Counselor’s office which advised that the Town may have violated Indiana’s Open Door Law.

Incumbent Democrat Dustin Johnson was elected during the tie-breaker vote in November. A re-vote was required to be taken to be in compliance with state statute and properly certify the election.

During a special meeting on December 23rd, the Argos Town Council voted 2-1 to re-elected Johnson. One member of the Town Council was absent during the vote, and Johnson was disallowed to take part. Johnson will take the seat ahead of Republican challenger Randy Snead.

Johnson will be sworn back into his seat with the other Town officials elected in the New Year.