Culver Working to Become an “Indiana Main Street” Community

culver-town-hallThe Town of Culver is one of the area communities interested in becoming an Indiana Main Street Community.

The Town Council has held a few meetings with a program representative to explore the possibility of an application, and planning for the possibility of implementing the program’s ideas.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist says a group of interested parties is working to put an application together.

“We’ll try and build a membership and volunteer base in the spring of 2016,” says Leist. “That would be the plan.”

Indiana Main Street is a program that uses private sector funding to join resources for revitalization in the downtown area. Planning, economic revitalization, and appearance are all listed as steps on the program’s website.

The Main Street program is run through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs and claims to have created more than 20-thousand jobs since its inception decades ago. Like many communities, Culver is still in the preliminary stages of discussions.

The Culver Town Council may take future action to declare their desire to work with businesses and other community organizations to revitalize portions of Culver’s downtown.

Another meeting with Main Street businesses and volunteers will take place in December.