Culver School Officials React to Statewide Changes in ISTEP Test, Dual-Credit Programs

ISTEPThe Culver School Board Monday reacted to changes affecting schools throughout the state.

During the board’s meeting, Superintendent Vicki McGuire shared concerns from other school corporations surrounding changes to the ISTEP test. School administrators around the state expect the changes to cause test scores to drop. McGuire says it’ll be a challenge to help the community understand why scores will appear to be going down, “It just makes us look worse and worse all the time when we just keep working to our fullest potential.”

Some members of the school board wondered why students are now being given a more difficult test, with board member Bill Sonnemaker responding, “It’s what happens when you allow the politicians to take over education.”

Members of the Culver School Board, as well as school officials, also expressed concerns with proposed changes to requirements for teachers of dual-credit classes. If the changes were to take effect, only one teacher at Culver Community High School would meet the qualifications.

Also during Monday’s meeting, McGuire told the School Board the strategic planning team will present its final plan at the November 16 School Board meeting. The board will then decide whether to approve it.

The superintendent also gave board members an update on the bond refunding process. She says Key Bank has been selected as the corporation’s underwriter.