Cold Weather Brings Alternative Heating Warnings

news-3With late fall and winter weather approaching, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is providing warnings for Hoosiers to stay safe with alternative heating sources.

According to information released by the department, some of those alternative heating sources are the leading causes of residential structure fires. Experts site the use of ovens to heat their homes and placing space heaters next to furniture and curtains as a primary cause.

Indiana State Fire Marshal James Greeson says that space heaters should be turned off if the home’s resident is not in the room.

Wood stoves were also mentioned in the manufacturing of heat in the winter. While they are an efficient source for heating homes, Greeson says homeowners should be careful to season, or dry, their wood prior to use. Relatively damp wood can lead to the build-up of creosote which can keep the chimney from properly venting.

Preventing sparks from alternative heating sources is also recommended through the use of screens and other protective guards.