Changing Seasons Presents Frozen Pipe Risks

frozen-pipesWinter weather may be weeks away, but municipalities throughout the state of Indiana have provided resources for residents to protect their water pipes from freezing temperatures.

Frozen pipes can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars to repair in the instance they burst, and can also cause a significant inconvenience for accessing water for drinking or hygiene.

By insulating pipes and faucets in unheated areas, it can prevent extreme cold from affecting water flow through the pipes. Information provided by cities and utility companies also suggests insulating cellars, or attic areas that may be susceptible to cold.

Also on the list is disconnecting garden hoses. Removing hoses from the spigot before winter can help prevent burst pipes once weather has warmed in the spring.

Less common methods include leaving snow in place that happens to fall around exterior pipes. According to past information provided by the City of Valparaiso, the snow can act as an insulator.

If homeowners are worried about coming storms or forecasted bitter cold temperatures, they can leave water running at a drip to prevent freezing.

Safety, however, is encouraged, as using an open flame, or a blowtorch to reheat pipes is discouraged as dangerous.