Argos Retains Incumbent Johnson Following Tie-Breaker Vote

vote2The Town of Argos has finally determined who will fill the remaining seat on its Town Council.

Argos saw three seats up for grabs during the General Municipal Election earlier this month. The third seat, however, saw a tie once the ballots had been counted between incumbent Dustin Johnson (D) and Charles Snead (R).

The results of the tied vote were certified last week by the Marshall County Election Board. To break the tie, the Argos Town Council had the opportunity to cast their vote to determine the winner. Members voted during their meeting, Wednesday night by paper ballot.

According to the Town of Argos’ social media pages, Johnson was re-elected in a 3-1 decision. The incumbent was disallowed from participating in the paper ballot count.

The Argos Clerk-Treasurer was on standby to break the tie in the instance the Town Council remained split.

Johnson, along with other members of the Argos Town Council, will be seated in the New Year.