Argos Prepares to Finalize Town Council Selections During Tie-Breaker Vote

news-2The Argos Town Council is expected to make a selection on who will its final available slot.

Three seats on the Argos Town Council were up for grabs during November’s General Municipal Election. A tie vote for the final available seat, however, left the decision up to the members of the Argos Town Council.

The results had to first be certified by the Marshall County Election Board prior to heading to the Argos Town Council. Now that a tied vote has been confirmed, the Town Council will be casting their ballots tonight.

The decision for the office is between Dustin Johnson (D) and Charles Snead (R). The Argos Town Council is made up of five seats, but in this case, Johnson is the incumbent and will be disallowed from participating.

According to Argos Town Clerk-Treasurer Patty Jones, if the Town Council shows a tie following the vote, her office will get involved, breaking the tie and making the decision.

A selection must be made by the end of the year in the instance Argos decides to forgo and vote this month.

Those elected this November will be seated in the New Year.