Argos Awaits Tie Breaker Vote, Incumbent Barred from Participation

vote-3The Town of Argos is at the mercy of the Marshall County Election Board prior to deciding who sits on its Town Council.

Ballot totals left a tie for the last of three spots available on the Argos Town Council between Dustin Johnson (D) and Charles Snead (R). Once the Marshall County Election Board has certified the results, the Town of Argos must await a certification letter from the Clerk’s office.

Under Indiana Code, election results must be certified within 10 days from the ballots being counted.

Assuming a tie is found to be in place, the Argos Town Council will have the final say on who is seated in the New Year. Argos Clerk-Treasurer Patty Jones says that so long as the certification letter has been received, the Town Council can make a decision at their meeting on November 18th.

Marshall County Clerk Debbie Vandemark says that if the Town Council shows a tie, the Argos Clerk-Treasurer would cast the tie breaker in the election.

The Argos Town Council is made-up of a five member board. Among the incumbents is Dustin Johnson, one of the candidates under contention. Jones says Johnson will be unable to participate in the Town Council’s decision, meaning if it’s a 2-2 tie, she would involve her office in the decision.

If certification is not available by November 18th, the Argos Town Council can hold a special meeting, or simply hold the vote at their meeting in December. A decision, however, must be made prior to the end of 2015.