2015 Tax Amnesty Program Ends Monday

news-2Those behind on their taxes still have a chance to repay the state without incurring any penalties.

Indiana’s Tax Amnesty program for 2015 will come to a close on November 16th at Noon EST. The program allows residents and business owners to pay any past-due taxes without interest, collection fees, or other penalties.

According to the Indiana Department of Revenue, taxpayers can participate by paying in-full or establishing a payment plan before the deadline. Those interested in doing so can go online, or stop into any one of the Department of Revenue’s 12 district offices. The nearest offices to this area are located in South Bend, Merrillville, or Lafayette.

Taxes received through the 2015 amnesty program are used to fund the Regional Cities Initiative. The General Assembly has allocated $84-million in grant funding to a region of the state for infrastructure projects that can retain and attract the state’s population.

Additional taxes received in the $6-million will go to fund the Hoosier State Passenger Rail. So far, the program has collected more than $68-million, meeting its goals for the year.

Those who participated in the 2005 Tax Amnesty Program are disallowed from participating in this year’s program.