Political Yard Signs Prompt INDOT Reminders

vote-3With election season upon us, political yard signs are becoming a more common occurrence.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is urging political candidates and their supporters to prevent road signs from blocking traffic visibility. According to INDOT, intersections, interchanges, and right-of-ways that run along a road should not be utilized for political yard signs.

Officials say motorists may be unable to see around political yard signs at intersections and driveways while attempting to turn or judge traffic, potentially creating hazards.

Candidate and issue supporters may use the areas behind fences, local ditches, and utility polls as easement markers if they are not clearly marked for the display of the yard signs.

Road workers are required under Indiana Code to remove the yard signs – which are considered political advertising – from public highways, but may be reclaimed by their owners at a nearby INDOT facility.

If a sign is spotted and found to be blocking visibility in an intersection, INDOT says their nearest district office can be contacted to remedy the situation.