Marshall County Republicans Set Caucus Date for New Sheriff Appointment

The Marshall County Republican Party will be holding a caucus to determine who will be the next Sheriff.

On September 29th, party members will be allowed to vote on candidates to fill the vacancy. Sheriff Tom Chamberlin passed away at his home in August after a battle with cancer.

Party Chair Dave Holmes says there’s been some interest.

“I’ve had inquiries from five or six potential candidates,” says Holmes. “I wouldn’t name any of them until somebody actually files.”

The Republican Party has 30 days to find a replacement.

Candidates can file to run for the position with the Marshall County Clerk’s office. Any candidate appointed to the Sheriff’s seat would maintain the role until 2018. Candidates must also file a written declaration of candidacy at least 10 days prior to the caucus.

Voters would be limited to the precinct committeemen, numbering around 26. A simple majority would win the caucus and become Sheriff. Holmes says there’s a process for determining who will eventually hold the office.

“If there’s no one that gets a majority on the first ballot, you have a second vote, and if there’s still no majority on the third ballot, we drop the name of the lowest vote getter and we repeat that process until somebody gets a majority,” says Holmes.

Republican officials will meet at the Republican Party Headquarters in Plymouth at 6:00 p.m.

The caucus is open for public observation.