Culver School Board Discusses Temporary Use of Monterey Building

The Culver School Board discussed a use for the Monterey School Building, albeit a temporary one. Olson Auctions requested to use the old school’s parking lot and possibly some of the building for an estate sale.

Board members were reluctant to allow the building to be used, due to the possibility that people would be able to wander into other parts of the building, creating a potential for theft or injury. There were also concerns about how using the facility would affect its insurance policy, since it’s currently insured as a vacant building. Some board members pointed out that the parking lot wasn’t blocked off and was accessible to the public.

The board approved letting Olson use the parking lot by a vote of six to one, while a motion to allow the company to use the inside of the building failed. They also decided to check with the insurance company and see if there would be an additional cost to have the facility occupied for a short period of time. If so, the school board would pass that cost on to Olson Auctions. No additional rent fee will be charged.