Culver Moves Forward with Entry-Level Housing Project

A major step forward has been seen when it comes to affordable housing in Culver.

Culver has experienced difficulty attracting employees of its major companies to live in the community. Research has indicated that the lake community may lack quality housing that’s affordable to new families and entry level workers.

The Culver Town Council on Tuesday night discussed the need to move forward with housing project that could be developed in the future using grant funds. Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says the Culver Redevelopment Commission has made a few requests for any developer to consider.

“They would want that as part of the agreement to ensure there is potential commercial [development] at some point in the future,” says Munroe.

Two sites were under consideration, with more favor shown to property bordering West Jefferson Street and State Road 17. A decision was needed due to a grant application deadlines in November.

The CRC provided $200-thousand for certain aspects of the project as an incentive for the developer. That money is intended to bring Town utilities to the construction site. How far to bring the utilities was at issue with the council. Cost increases were seen depending on whether utilities were brought to the property line, the middle of the property, or throughout the site.

Munroe says the developer has their own costs to bear in mind.

“If he’s paying higher in utilities, he’s got to pay lower in land acquisition,” says Munroe. “If he’s paying higher for land acquisition, he’s got to have the utilities lower.”

Additional funds could be used out of the Culver General Fund or Rainy Day Fund in the future for the project.

Those in attendance on Tuesday expressed concerns about the quality of occupants such a project might attract.

The Culver Town Council recommended the property at Jefferson and State Road 17 be used for the project. Additional steps may be forthcoming.