Culver Finalizing Goals for Coming Years

The Town of Culver is finalizing its five-year action plan.

The document will be included in the Town’s Comprehensive plan and specifies major projects the Town would like to undertake over the next few years. A joint group, consisting of the Town Council, Plan Commission, and Redevelopment Commission has been meeting on a regular basis to develop the goals.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist says budget adjustments were the primary focus of a Thursday night meeting of the groups.

“It was kind of just hammering out the final draft that we could work with and live with for the next few years,” says Leist.

Among those projects is the development of Affordable Housing, updated zoning regulations, and researching the possibility of bringing Metronet Fiber Optic cables to the community.

Although the plan is considered to have goals over the next five years, some committees are already working on the projects.

Leist says some of the goals could extend beyond the five year timeline.

“One of the big ones that is on there for example is a new municipal complex that would include a town hall, police department and fire,” says Leist. “That is something that’s been looked at for years.”

The tasks have now been assigned to committee, but will go to the Culver Town Council for final approval at their next meeting.