Argos Man Sentenced to a Decade in Indiana Department of Correction

Meth-300x168In Marshall Superior Court on Wednesday, 22-year-old Caleb Zachary Hollet of Argos was sentenced to a total of 10 years imprisonment at the Indiana Department of Correction for dealing methamphetamine as a Class B Felony and conspiracy to deal in methamphetamine as a Level 4 Felony. Judge Robert O. Bowen approved an agreement reached between Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tami Napier and defense attorney Joseph Simanski of Plymouth.

According to a press release, the Class B Felony was a 6 year sentence and the Level 4 Felony resulted in 4 year sentence with the two sentences ordered to run consecutively. Two years of the Class B felony sentence were suspended giving Hollett an eight year executed sentence.

In open court, Hollet admitted that on May 27,2014 he sold methamphetamine to a confidential informant at the intersection of Maple St. and Plum St. in Argos. Hollet additionally admited that on October 8, 2014 he provided methamphetamine ingredients for the purpose of manufacturing methamphetamine. In exchange for the guilty plea to the two most serious charges, the remaining counts were dismissed.

Prosecuting Attorney Nelson Chipman expressed his distress with this particular suspect. He mentioned that in August of 2014 Hollett was caught up in a serious meth manufacturing case in which the primary target was a notorious cook responsible for supplying and therefore addicting dozens of individuals in the area on methamphetamine. Hollet’s testimony was essential in the conviction of that individual, leading to over 20 years of prison.

It was at that time that Hollet sat in Chipman’s office and swore off the world of meth and promised to turn his life around. In return for his cooperation Hollet was sentenced to a mere 90 days in Marshall County Jail for visiting a common nuisance. Five months later he was cooking and selling himself. In a news release Chipman was quoted saying “He is going to have several years now to think about what to do with the rest of his life.”