Marshall County Health Department to Implement Breastfeeding Education Programs

The Marshall County Health Department will be doing more to promote breastfeeding programs and support in the community due to a state mandate.

Annette Osborn from the health department explained to the Marshall County Council this week that a part-time WIC employee will need to increase work hours by four hours per week due to the new mandate for breastfeeding education.

“They want this coordinator to be able to make contacts with a physician’s office, letting people know what support we have available for their patients and what expertise we can provide. That additional four hours a week covers that outreach as well as the supervision of our peer counselor,” said Osborn.

Under the current county policy, part-time employees work 27 hours per week, and this employee would be required to work 31 hours per week. Osborn recommends that the position move to full-time if the USDA grant that funds the position covers the cost of hours and benefits. The description of the duties associated with the breastfeeding coordinator will be included in the handbook.

The council unanimously approved the request, assuming the grant covers the cost. The change takes effect in October when the funding cycle begins with the health department’s budget.