Marshall County Commissioners Consider Contract Addendum for Alcohol Monitoring

A contract addendum to help streamline costs for alcohol monitoring through Marshall County Community Corrections was reviewed by the commissioners this week.

Director of Court Services Ward Byers approached the governing body on Monday with an agreement from 3M Electronic Monitoring to include alcohol monitoring for those on home detention.

“3M is now providing remote alcohol monitoring. It’s a hand-held device. We do use that from another company. However we’re going to be able to pool everything under one company for a lower cost,” explained Byers.

Byers said the devices are similar to the ones currently being used.

“The remote alcohol device itself takes the photograph and GPS point. We know where the person is when they provide the alcohol sample. It’s all web-based. It’s a less expensive product, but it provides us with the same results.”

County Attorney Jim Clevenger noted that the lease fee will be $5.50 per day when the device is activated. That fee will be passed onto the participant in the community corrections program.

The commissioners unanimously approved the addendum.