Marshall County Assessment Software Upgrade Approved

The Marshall County Assessor’s office will be spending $173,000 to change assessment software.

Pam Davis from the Assessor’s office explained that the staff has been operating on outdated software. Customer support is also lacking which delays operations in the office.

The new state-certified program, XSoft, is designed for Indiana assessment procedures. It is also compatible with the auditor’s software.

Davis said the county would save approximately $8,200 in maintenance fees every year. It was noted that the staff immediately wanted the program after a short amount of time spent in a demonstration.

Forty-three counties currently use XSoft along with the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF).

The assessor’s office will pay for the program in four installments over the next four years. The commissioners unanimously approved the request and contracts with the company and DLGF as presented.

There is no timeline set of when it will be installed for use.