Convicted Meth Dealer Receives Maximum Sentence

A Rochester man was sentenced on Thursday in Marshall County Superior Court.

28-year-old Kalin Hunsaker was given 20 years imprisonment for conspiracy to deal methamphetamine. The sentence was part of a plea deal that saw a forgery and habitual offender charge dropped. The 20-year sentence was the maximum allowable under the law.

The incident started in October of 2012 when Marshall County Police conducted surveillance in the 5-thousand block of 18th Road near Argos. An undercover informant was used to buy methamphetamine from a resident of the house in 18th road.

Hunsaker has been in prison for 395 days as a result of the case. A previous plea agreement was rejected.

Judge Robert Bowen will allow Hunsaker to petition for purposeful incarceration after he has served at least six years.