Culver Continues Support After Failed LOHUT Attempt

The Town of Culver may be waiting for another attempt before additional revenue is gained.

A letter was sent by the Town to the Marshall County Council expressing their support for a Local Option Highway User Tax and Wheel Tax. Due to stagnant funding from the state of Indiana, local entities are considering the tax as a way to raise revenue for road maintenance and repairs.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist says funding roads in Culver is not an emergency situation.

“It was just something that we thought was a solid idea that would benefit the Town and have support on the council and amongst residents,” says Leist.

The Town of Culver stood to gain about $50-thousand if the tax was approved at the county level.

A LOHUT would be applied on an annual basis while drivers updated their license plate registration. Revenue gained would be split between the county and local bodies. The ordinance was presented to the Marshall County Council, but failed due to a lacking motion.

Leist says they have plans for road projects on a list of future improvements.

“We’ve got paving lists that go out several years of projects, and an order, and which ones need it,” says Leist. “And it would just be: hey, if we would get that $50-thousand maybe some of the items on year two’s paving list would come up this year and shrink the list down a little bit.”

Marshall County officials wanted better plans for road repairs and maintenance, specifically for projects five or 10 years in the future. There is no future date for consideration of the tax.

Leist says the Town will provide information to the County on how roads will be improved with the funds if they request it.