Utility Provider Encourages Marking Service Lines Prior to Spring Work

A local utility provider is encouraging safety before individuals or businesses begin any spring and summer excavation projects.

NIPSCO says April marks National Safe Digging Month and is encouraging residents to call the national “call-before-you-dig” number 8-1-1 two days prior to starting work. The 48 hour suggestion allows work crews to properly mark utility lines to avoid problems.

According to a press release, accidentally hitting an underground utility line can be dangerous and could cause service outages. NIPSCO says it’s not uncommon for fines and repair costs to be assessed.

Landscaping and fencing projects are considered the most common digging projects for homeowners. NIPSCO says there were about 400 damage cases as the result of a lack of proper marking. Most of those were from contractors.

Having utility lines marked prior to digging projects is law. Calling the number is a free service.