Religious Freedom Restoration Act Affects Marshall County Manufacturer

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act has caused some concern for a Marshall County manufacturing company.

The Marshall County Commissioners took up the conversation on Monday morning.  Commissioner Kevin Overmyer did not release the name of the company but did say that the manufacturer’s largest customer has opted to discontinue business due to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Marshall County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Jerry Chavez commented that he received the same communication. He said the state moved in an aggressive matter concerning the legislation.

“Some of the proponents on that action came back around and said that they understood that the state leadership was taking a different stance as opposed to what was taken beforehand,” stated Chavez. “I would hope, in my opinion, that that would curb some of the fallout that we would have seen – in particular, the fallout for that area business that was affected.”

Chavez said that the amendment would give the customer a little bit of time to reflect on that action.

Chavez stressed that Marshall County is in a good position in terms of being business friendly.

“I think this county has a long-standing, deep-rooted history of manufacturing. Obviously we are an area of choice, and we see a lot of our existing businesses expand on a regular basis.”

He believes that the steps have been taken to put things on the right course. He encourages local businesses to contact his office to see if there is something more that the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation can do.

The commissioners wondered if something could be done on the county level, but they opted not to take any action. Commissioner Overmyer said that the issue was out of the county’s hands.