Plymouth Man Sentenced on Meth Charges

A Plymouth man has been sentenced to prison time for selling methamphetamine.

28-year-old Anthony Porter was arrested after a string of incidents in 2014 where he allegedly purchased products that include pseudoephedrine, a base ingredient of meth.

Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney Nelson Chipman said in a press release that Porter admitted in court that he not only possessed, but sold a small quantity of meth, in June of 2014. That incident took place in the parking lot of St. Joseph Regional Medical Center where officers had set up surveillance equipment. The hospital had nothing to do with the incident.

Information from the prosecutor says this wasn’t necessarily an isolated incident. Law enforcement had been focusing on Porter’s alleged dealings for some time, even going undercover to gain additional information.

After a plea agreement was reached, Judge Robert Bowen approved a 12-year sentence in Marshall County Superior Court to the Indiana Department of Corrections on charges of selling methamphetamine, a Class B felony. Two of those years will be suspended with one year of probation.