Plymouth BZA Grants Extension for Sign Removal

The owner of an ice cream parlor involved in a sign placement violation dispute with the City of Plymouth has been given more time to remove the sign.

City attorney Sean Surrisi told members of the Board of Zoning Appeals that Mooney’s Ice Cream owner, John Webster, and the building owner applied for a variance in February to erect the sign at the business at 309 E. Jefferson Street. The sign had already been placed in a location on the property that is not in compliance with an ordinance, and without a permit. The group of businesses in the building, including Mooney’s Ice Cream, were encouraged to get together and create a sign to accommodate all of the businesses. That design was presented to the BZA on April 7. Webster was given until the end of the week to remove his sign, and the business owners were given 60 days from April 7 to install the new sign.

Surrisi told the board that Webster told him he has no intention of removing the non-compliant sign until a new one is installed. The sign still stands, and Surrisi says Webster could be fined by the BZA for noncompliance. It wasn’t made clear if Webster was assessed a fine.

Webster told the BZA he got no help from the city with regard to the sign process. He adds he didn’t know he needed a permit until it was too late and indicated the whole situation was a big misunderstanding.

The three BZA members in attendance in the specially-called meeting agreed to allow Webster to keep up his sign until the new sign is installed. The deadline is June 7. The new sign will need to meet all of the qualifications as outlined in the city ordinance.