Marshall County Looking for More Highway Funding

The Marshall County Highway Department will be looking for ways to get more funding to improve roads in the county.

Supervisor of County Highways Jason Peters commented to the commissioners this week that the county has limited funds to repair county roads. He said there will be some roads that will need to wait to be repaired until next year because the funding isn’t there to provide a workable solution.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said a representative from the Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program may visit this month. A meeting will be scheduled with the commissioners and council members to discuss the possible generation of funding for county roads. Overmyer said the joint meeting would be for information only. Information received could lead to a possible decision to be made in a public meeting.

The county has $1 million to work on roads and Overmyer said that’s just not enough. Peters said it’s even more difficult because the appropriations come at various times of the year. Only so much funding can be spent for projects on certain times of the year.

In the meantime, the highway department is looking for employees for two positions. A heavy equipment operator and an area leader are needed.