Marshall County Council to Continue E-Poll Book Discussion

The Marshall County Council members will continue a discussion into the purchase of e-poll books when they meet this morning.

During the council’s last meeting in March, Clerk Deb Vandemark explained that 15 iPads would be purchased for placement at all of the voting sites for the purpose of signing in voters at the polls. There are 14 poll sites for the county’s 29 precincts. One extra iPad would be on hand as a backup. The purchase price is $32,225 which is not included in the clerk’s budget for this year.

The council held a lengthy discussion about the purchase including battery life of the iPads and the desire for the purchase to be made this year. Vandemark said it would be best to get the iPads now to test out the process in the November Municipal Election so any issues could be worked out before next year’s Presidential Election.

The conversation will be ongoing when the council meets today at 9 a.m. ET.

The council will also discuss video conferencing for Marshall County Superior Court 1 and Superior Court 2 and approve several additional appropriation requests.

The Marshall County Council will meet in the second-floor meeting room in the Marshall County building.