Culver Sends Town Objectives to Committee for Recommendations

The Town of Culver has decided to assign a few tasks to committee for planning projects over the next five years.

Members of several commissions have been working to create a five-year action plan. The document will be included in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. It typically helps guide the Town in the completion of certain goals.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist explained to the group that the five-year plan is still a working document.

“Let’s settle on that list of objectives, whether its seven to 10 or the eight we have here and then come up with as many concrete tasks for each one that we feel like we could work on in these next five years and try to assign each one an agency,” says Leist.

Members of the Town Council, Plan Commission, and Redevelopment Commission have met and listed objectives for the Town in previous meetings. Some include the creation of affordable housing, updated zoning regulations, and researching the possibility of Metronet fiber optic networks in the community.

During yesterday’s meeting, the group was tasked with estimating budgets and a timeline for certain projects.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says work would not necessarily stop once approved.

“Ideally what we’d like to do is: as the groups own these, have quarterly meetings where a rep[resentative] from each group reports back,” says Munroe.

Finding funds and grant opportunities for the projects – which include community parks and walking or biking trails was cited as a potential challenge.

Now that the tasks have been assigned to committee, the full group will meet again on May 13th to finalize and vote on the five-year action plan.