Marshall County Habitat for Humanity to Build House in Bourbon Thanks to Sponsorship

A family in Bourbon was recently chosen to have a home built by Marshall County Habitat for Humanity volunteers, and this project will be supported by Harmony Marketing Group of Bourbon.

Marshall County Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Dean Byers said they have an ambitious goal of constructing two houses this year.

“That’s exciting news for us,” said Byers. “We’re going to try and squeeze this home in between another project that will start in the Fall. We build a house a year, and we want to build an extra house. This particular family has an urgent need for a home. With this sponsorship, we think we can be able to do that.”

The home will be built at the corner of Main Street and Shafer Road in Bourbon. When the home is complete, it will be the 17th home the organization has built.

Tim Harman, president of Harmony Marketing Group, believes in the mission of the group and also believes that it is important for businesses to give back to the community.

Habitat for Humanity homes are constructed solely by volunteer labor. The volunteers with the organization help as well as the family members. The family signs a 20-year mortgage including the cost of materials and the building lot cost. A mortgage payment includes an escrow account in order to cover taxes and insurance.

If anyone is interested in volunteering to be part of the organization can call (574) 935-4214 or email