Marshall County Commissioners Approve Permit Fee Schedule Ordinance

The Marshall County Commissioners held discussion on an ordinance to establish a fee schedule.

Several of the proposed fees for permits for residential and commercial construction were raised by $5.00 to cover costs. Permit fees for construction of accessory structures and larger structures went up even more. The proposed increases can be found here: permit fees

A fee was also included in a newly proposed roofing permit. Building Inspector Chuck DeWitt explained that they have the largest amount of calls with roofing projects.

“It’s done incorrectly more times than anything else that we deal with,” said DeWitt. “What we’re asking for is a permit. If it’s permitted, then the installers are required to have a bond and then that bond will allow us to get them back out there and get that done.”

DeWitt said if there is no permit, there’s nothing that he can do if there’s a problem with the installation of the roof. If the project is not done right and a permit is obtained, then DeWitt said the contractor will have to make the necessary repairs after an inspection.

Commission President Kevin Overmyer asked about homeowners taking on a roofing project on their own. DeWitt said there is a process in place.

“When they come in they will get the permit and an outline of what needs to be done. I will check it to make sure it is being done correctly. Most of the time people are not educated on what needs to be done and this will allow us to not only do the inspection to make sure it’s being done right, but we can help educate the homeowners who are doing it themselves as well as the contractors.”

Homeowners would not need to have a bond.

Another new fee is for interior renovation. Plan Director Ralph Booker said state code requires that electrical and plumbing changes need to be approved and inspected if those kind of renovations are being done.

The commissioners approved the fee schedule as presented on the second reading. The rules were suspended, and the ordinance was adopted on third reading.