Culver Schools Extended Fridays Begins This Week

The Culver School Corporation is playing catch-up due to the number of weather related school delays and cancellations.

It was announced earlier this month that Culver Schools is altering the official calendar through the second Friday in May. The changes stem from a school closing on March 3rd of this year due to icy conditions.

School corporations have increasingly been using e-learning days to make-up for weather related school cancellations, but Culver has opted to use classroom time instead.

Assuming no further school cancellations, the school corporation says classes will be extended by one hour beginning this Friday. It will continue through May 8th. The extension only applies to Friday’s according to the school corporation.

With the change, the Culver Elementary School will dismiss at 3:30 with the High School and Middle School dismissing at 3:42.