Culver Plan Commission Recommends Development Plans

More detailed housing plans were reviewed by the Culver Plan Commission on Tuesday evening.

A developer has expressed interest in constructing several condominiums – to be called Harbor Landing. That name may change in the future. The initial proposal called for the development of the condos along State Road 10 with the possibility of commercial space.

Construction Management and Design Vice President of Operations Cory Collins says he showed construction in phases in his documents, but construction may be different.

“If you’ll notice, the phases overlap,” Collins told commission members. “Our intent is to come in, and we’re suspecting this will be successful enough that we’ll be able to just go right through and build all 30 homes.”

Some property still needs to be closed for sale.

Previous discussion has led the Town’s Plan Commission to believe that the condos would be priced at $200-thousand each. At this time, Construction Management and Design – the company undertaking the development – says they don’t anticipate renting any units.

Drainage was a chief concern for those on the Plan Commission. The clay material in the ground was cited as being potentially problematic in the case of multiple severe weather events. The construction company’s engineers were confident in their calculations.

Collins says they took water drainage under advisement.

“The drainage plan has been designed to retain all of our storm water, not simply detain it,” says Collins. “In other words, the storm water that we shed will be kept on our site on relatively shallow basins that are designed to drain down slowly.”

As things stand right now, Construction Management and Design could complete their work within 14 months.

The Culver Plan Commission recommended to the Town Council that the plans for Harbor Landing be approved as submitted.