Culver Development Discussions Taking Another Step

Plans for a new commercial and residential development in Culver will continue tonight.

The initial proposal called for the construction of condominiums along state road 10 with a bit of commercial space to complement the land. The developer came to the Culver Plan Commission in January.

Plan Commission President Barry McManaway says the company has conducted similar projects in Plymouth.

“They had something in a smaller scale, but something similar to what they’re doing here,” says McManaway. “It’s just something that they’re trying to do business-wise for themselves.”

Developers will come before the Culver Plan Commission tonight to present their plans for various factors in the site layout.

Officials with the Town of Culver have previously said the condominiums will be sold in a price range of about $200-thousand.

McManaway says the commission is expecting a few more details to be released.

“They’re presenting even the storm drainage, the exact purpose of what they’re going to be doing business-wise,” says McManaway. “Why it makes it a PUT as far as the business part of it, you know, as far as how many houses are going to be rented, and how many condos are going to be sold, and how many condos are actually going to be leased.”

The developer has also conducted similar projects in Warsaw.

The Town of Culver has been working on plans to attract more residents to the community and develop higher quality housing. The Plan Commission also intends to discuss the possibility of annexing land for commercial and residential development.

They will meet tonight at 6:30 at Culver Town Hall.