Triton Students to Make up Missed Days

Students at the Triton School Corporation will be making up days missed due to snow. Superintendent Donna Burroughs said two days were built into the calendar and four days have been missed so far this semester that will be made up.

“We have for of those scheduled,” explained Burroughs. “Next Monday is one of those days and Good Friday is the second one. May 26 and May 27 are days three and four. Hopefully, we don’t have anymore.”

Burroughs said the school board looked into e-learning as an alternative to adding days to the end of the school calendar, but they didn’t think that would be an advantage to students.

“We have so many students that have no access to the internet. We’re not really comfortable with rolling those out because some kids would be at a disadvantage. The administrators felt that they wanted the students here for days to continue the education. That would be more effective.”

Any other missed days will be added to the end of the school calendar.