Marshall County Council Supports Highway Department Purchase

The Marshall County Council discussed the purchase of a pug mill when the members met Monday morning.

Supervisor of County Highways Jason Peters gave the council paperwork on a used pug mill he found in Missouri. He said the machine was purchased by an individual who wanted to try something different with the machine, but it didn’t work out. The machine is now for sale.

Peters said the machine would cost $375,000 brand new, but this machine is selling for $285,000. It would only have a one-year warranty. The purchase of the pug mill would save the county money, according to Peters. When asked by Councilman Rex Gilliland about the savings, Peters said it could be realized almost immediately. Up to $250,000 could be saved in having the machine on-site and making road materials for paving and patching.

Peters told the council he would be traveling to inspect the machine to make sure it functions the way that would work for the county. If he believes the pug mill will work, he will buy the machine from the owner. The money for the pug mill is in the highway’s budget already, but an additional appropriation will need to be advertised to put the money in the right line item for the purchase.

Commission President Kevin Overmyer spoke on behalf of the commissioners who said that governing board supports the purchase.

The council unanimously gave Peters approval to move forward in obtaining the pug mill.