Kidney Transplant Brings Culver Students Together

Students at Culver Elementary hope to help a former classmate with a bit of fundraising.

The student is currently thought to be in 3rd grade at Plymouth Community Schools, but is in need of a kidney transplant. A “GoFundMe” account has been set-up to help raise funds which will assist the student in meeting certain financial obligations.

Culver Elementary Principal Erin Proskey says the elementary school’s efforts are about volunteering.

“One hand washes the other, and in doing this, they can help a young man who’s in need, and hopefully make a difference in this young man’s life,” says Proskey.

Culver students are expected to complete a community service project, but some of those hours can be completed while in school.

Some of the teachers continue to have an open line of communication with the former student, and possibly with the parents. Proskey says the students felt it was important to do what they believe it right.

“We do a lot of character ed, to be kind to others, to be respectful, trustworthy, and all those other things we stress,” says Proskey.

Proskey says she hopes fundraising will make an impact, and teach students the importance of being involved in their communities.