Plymouth Plan Commission President Recommends Discussion on Garage Sizes

The Plymouth Plan Commission President proposed an idea for future discussion that includes housing standards.

Doug Feece proposed the elimination of the garage door size and to allow only a 12-foot door. Feece noted that this would eliminate “storage barns” in a residential area, especially in the historic district. He also would like to see something that would regulate garage sizes. Feece said he would like to have a formula that doesn’t allow a garage that’s bigger than a house. If the house is a certain size, then the garage should only be 30 to 40 percent the size of the house.

Feece’s opinion expressed was that if the practice continues, the residential districts are going to turn into a problem. They could turn into commercial districts.

Developing a standard to determine what type of construction would classify a structure as a home was also discussed as a possible solution.

The plan commission did not act on the concerns that Feece had. The plan commission does agree that aesthetics are a problem. City Attorney Sean Surrisi recommended putting together a committee to research the issue.