Weekend Snow Forecast Creates Potential Problems

Several inches of snow is being forecast on Saturday night and into Sunday, prompting Starke County Emergency Management to be on the lookout.

According to the National Weather Service, Starke County will begin a winter storm watch Saturday night after 6 p.m. Marshall County begins their Winter Storm Watch at 7 p.m. EST.

Starke County EMA Director Ted Bombagetti says blowing and drifting snow concerns him the most.

“Our drivers can handle the snowfall, but when it’s blowing and drifting most of the time, as soon as they open the road a bit, they drift right back shut so I have a concern with our first responders getting to calls, people getting stranded in the roadways, people not being able to get the necessary groceries and medicines and what not,” says Bombagetti.

With a major American sporting event in the Super Bowl scheduled for the weekend, parties and other alcohol related events could be scheduled. Bombagetti says that likely won’t weight into any of his decisions.

Right now, the area is still at the advisory level, but should conditions change local EMA, Highway Department, and Sheriff’s Department representatives could come to a collective decision to raise that level.

Bombagetti says preparation is key.

“Get out those blankets now and have everything ready in the event that, you know, sometimes when you can’t get out of the house you lose electricity,” says Bombagetti.

A conference call was scheduled with EMA representatives on Friday in preparation for the storm.