Rep. Walorski Looks For Key Goals in SOTU

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski had a few goals in mind prior to Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address.

Indiana’s 2nd District U.S. Representative has made a point of discussing what she considers an overreach of power through the President’s recent executive orders.

Nonetheless, Walorski says she was hoping the President would take the opportunity Tuesday night to address the nation’s deficits, border security, and jobs.

“I hope he stands up there and says, you know: enough’s enough, we’re going to lead and here’s my plan on how we’re going to lead in this nation, we’re going to fight for the middle class, we are not going to raise taxes, we’re going to balance our budget, and we’re going to get ahold of this country and do what the American people who went to the polls said they want done,” says Walorski.

The South Bend Republican also says she wanted to see some indication the President was prepared to take action with the Keystone XL Pipeline. Legislation was anticipated to be voted on this week that would expedite permitting processes for the exploration of domestic energy sources.

Walorski says she was seated with fellow Veterans Affairs Committee member Raul Ruiz out of California’s 36th District to show bipartisanship during the President’s address.

She says the gesture was to show the strength behind the recent VA reforms.

“This is a huge national crisis still,” says Walorski. “The reform bill came down last year, I was very involved in it. I remain on the committee and will be involved in continuing to fight for our veterans.”

In a statement following the President’s State of the Union Address, Walorski said that she and President Obama have two different visions for the country.