Plymouth High School Students Participate in National Day of Service

Plymouth High School Key Club members participated in a National Day of Service on Monday to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Several students were at the Plymouth Fire Department washing fire trucks while others were lifting and carrying boxes down flights of stairs to help organize things at the Marshall County Museum. The animals at the Marshall County Humane Society got some exercise Monday morning when the students took them out for walks and played with them. The students also cleaned the cages and gave the animals food and fresh water.

Monday was initially scheduled to be a snow day for Plymouth students, but severe weather two weeks ago turned the day into a regular school day. However, 68 students kept their commitment to help these and more organizations in the community in recognition of the National Day of Service.

This is the fourth year the Key Club has participated in this event, according to Stephanie Wiseman, English teacher and Key Club Advisor. She said about the same amount of students participate in this event each year, but hopes the program will grow to include more students.

Note: Photo via Facebook with permission granted.