Minimum Wage Proposal Invites Local Business Input

A bill has been filed in Indianapolis that could affect local businesses.

Senate Bill 41 looks to increase Indiana’s minimum wage from its current rate of $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour. If signed into law, the increase would put Indiana in line with other states implementing similar pieces of legislation.

According to Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce Director Angie Anspach says she finds it hard to see it helping small businesses.

“It’s only going to hurt me in the end,” says Anspach. “Not that I don’t think people are valuable and that they do need good wages, but as a small business, it’s hard enough as it is to make it in a small community.”

The Pulaski and Starke County Chambers of Commerce have both said they intend to survey their membership on the issue. Results are currently unavailable.

State Senator Jim Arnold addressed the Indiana Senate Democrats’ agenda earlier this year, saying they would make a push to increase the minimum wage. He says an increase in the minimum wage can help attract residents to the state.

Senate Bill 41 joins another bill increasing the minimum wage in steps for certain Indiana employees. Democrats are in the minority, making passage of an increase unlikely. Still, Anspach says that as a business owner herself it doesn’t necessarily translate to more business in a small community.

“If they did raise the minimum wage, I think it’d be a little rough for me to make it as a small business,” says Anspach.

Thousands of Hoosiers are considered to earn the current minimum wage.