Marshall County Safety Commission Sub-Committee to Formulate Crisis Communication

The Marshall County Safety Commission held a discussion on many key issues of emergency planning when they met Tuesday morning.

Troy Heckaman from Culver Military Academy and Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery noted that they were trying to put together a crisis communication plan for each school. Avery said they would like to have representatives from each of the schools to designate a safety person to be a part of a sub-committee that will work on a plan that’s specific to the school.

Avery added that an emergency situation at a school may tie up the 911 lines. The caller may not get to talk to a dispatcher right away in a serious situation so having a second plan of communication is vital. A plan could be developed for internal and external responses and tested to see what works and what doesn’t work so all entities are ready for a crisis.

Heckaman told the commission members that the safety resource officers and the superintendents will be sent surveys to get input on what the sub-committee will need to formulate plans.