Marshall County Council Approves Salary Increases for Court Services

The Marshall County Council discussed an additional appropriation for Superior Court where Judge Dean Colvin asked for money to add to the court services director’s salary and to the substance abuse counselor’s salary.

Judge Colvin explained that the salaries were reduced in 2011 to accommodate cuts that needed to be done due to a lack of revenue and income the programs were receiving. According to Judge Colvin, the programs were turned around, thanks to the addition of Ward Byers to the office in 2013 and personnel in the office.

“With the change in the circumstances with the respect to responsibilities that Mr. Byers has undertaken and the interventions undertaken, I think it’s a timely point for me to come in and ask you for an additional appropriation. I’m not asking you for money from the general revenue side from taxpayers. This money comes directly from those monies generated from the services that that program provides,” explained Judge Colvin.

He said they’ve added several services for offenders.

“We do an interlock ignition service, which is going to become very important under
new criminal code and under the Bureau of Motor Vehicle code, that falls within the special driving privilege segment of the BMV. SDP privileges require that you have interlock services provided on the vehicle at the time you ask for those particular services. It’s something that wasn’t available to offenders in the past.”

The council members unanimously approved the motion. Byers will receive a total increase of $4,452 while the substance abuse counselor will receive a total increase of $1,567. A salary amendment was also approved by the council to reflect these salary changes.